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7N315 Sycamore Ave, Medinah, IL 60157

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Medinah Spine Rehabilitation and Podiatry

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7N315 Sycamore Ave. Medinah, IL. 60157

Directions from East on Irving Park: Make a right hand turn on Route 25 heading South and go over railroad tracks of Franklin Park Railroad Station. Make a right hand turn on Franklin Park Ave. heading West. Take Franklin Ave. to Calwagner. Note: For those who do not have transportation, you can walk right across the street from Franklin Park Station to our office.

Directions to Medinah Spine/Rehab and Podiatry Locations

Directions from East to West: Take Irving Park Rd. West Make right hand turn heading North on Medinah Rd. and pass the railroad track of Medinah Train Station to the stoplight (Thorndale Ave.) Make a left hand turn heading West on Thorndale Ave. passing Medinah Park District. Thorndale Ave. will dead end and make a right turn on Sycamore Ave. heading north. We are the fourth building on the right, which is a two story tan building, which is right in front of a yellow diamond sign. Walk right up the covered sidewalk to the French doors of our clinic.

3113 N. Calwagner Franklin Park, IL. 60131